Mutare armed robber explains how he used to work with police

Armed robber, Tongai Zireni (55) told Tilder LIVE that  was convicted for armed robberies and murder at Chiadzwa diamond fields in 1999.

Tongai said he was working with a policeman and they would go to the  Chiadzwa diamond fields and identify diamond buyers, most of them who travelled from countries as far away as Portugal and Australia.

On the day they got arrested, they got a tip off from a young woman From Mutare. She told them that there was a diamond buyer who moved around with a lot of cash.

The gang met in Sakubva, Mutare, where they made a plan. There were a number of girls in the group.

They sent two girls to lure the diamond buyer. When the girls got to the diamond buyer, they told the buyer that they had some goods to be carried.

The girls brought the buyer to where the gang was. When the buyer arrived, they got into his car and asked the girls to sit at the back. They told him there was an engine that they need to carry.

They drove along the Masvingo road. When they got to the 10 miles peg, they turned and drove towards Odzi.

As they drove along the dust road, the gang member who was sitting next to the driver grabbed him by the neck.

The car stopped and the girls jumped out of the car and stood in the bush.

The buyer had USD 10 000 cash and diamonds.

The girls ran into the car and said there was a fight between the buyer and the other gang members.

The other gang members came back to the car and they drove off.

The gang escaped with the car and went to Basil Bridge and turned back to Mutare.

At the bridge, they found out that one of the gang members had been stabbed and was bleeding. The gang member went into the river to wash away the blood.

They drove into a farm and parked the car and left the car at the farm. They removed the money and diamonds.

He did not tell the other gang members that he had removed the money and diamonds.

When he got home, he put the money in his room and started counting the money. He asked his girlfriend to keep the diamonds in the baby’s bag.

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