The founder and leader of Goodness and Mercy Ministries Prophet T Freddy has prophesied that one of the most secretive artists is going to be exposed soon and people hinted that he was talking about Winky  D.

Prophet  T Freddy  posted his prophecy on social media.

In the video posted on social media prophet T Freddy didn’t mention anyone’s name he only gives a description of the artist and for the artist to be male.

Prophet T Freddy said that  the musician is a no drama artist.

“The artist is a silent one and doesn’t like to live a loud lifestyle,” he said.

The prophet went on to say the artist live a private life because there are things that he is trying to hide, which he saw in the spirit.

“The silent artist will be exposed and fans will leave him only loyal fans will keep supporting him,” he said.

Many people believe that the the artist prophecied is said to be Winky D, Wallace Chirumiko reggae-dancehall artist.

Below is the prophecy.