The danger posed by Covid-19 lurks in Makonde district which has been put under a renewed strict lockdown, Chinhoyi residents have heightened vigilance against the lethal disease.


This follows news of the sad passing on due to coronavirus of prominent businessman Jimmy Mxegi Friday.

A snap survey conducted on Friday, the first day of the revised lockdown, revealed that most shoppers, informal traders, business operators and Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) franchise public transporters were observing the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines that include masking up, hand sanitising and social distancing.



Public transport observing physical distancing as they queued for the kombis which were evidently overwhelmed, forcing some commuters to board illegal taxis.

‘Mushikashika’, the illegal taxi operators insist they were observing Covid-19 prevention guidelines and were not permitting anyone without a face mask to board their cars.

Large retail shops such as TM, OK as well as other shop owners closed their premises at 3 pm, and the Chinhoyi central business district (CBD) was deserted by the 6 pm curfew.

Makonde district, which encompasses Chinhoyi, has been placed under a localised Covid-19 lockdown, becoming the third district in Mashonaland West province after Hurungwe and Kariba.