Njuzu accused of stealing former blesser’s 1 million rand watch

South African based socialite Monalisa Chavura popularly known on social media streets as Njuzu has been accussed of stealing her ex boyfriend’s 1 million rand watch.

The Angolan blesser who is South African based Serge Cabonge revealed that he took in Njuzu when she had nowhere to stay but when she left she stole his expensive watch.

Serge revealed this during an Instagram live and he we went on to threaten to leak Njuzu’s nudes.


He also revealed that Njuzu depend on blessers for a living in South Africa.

Denying the allegations during an Instagram live, Njuzu said that she didn’t steal Serge’s watch.

Njuzu also threatened to expose Sergey corrupt activities in South Africa.

Many socialites including The Hell Commander are on  Njuzu’s side.

Serge “the international blesser” claims to be a businessman in South Africa and it is alleged that he can give a girl any amount if she offers him unprotected s_ex.

Early this year, it is reported that he confessed that he used to poo on girl’s faces for fun and later on give them money.