Biggest 5 Funerals in Zimbabwe Revealed

The biggest five funerals in Zimbabwe have been revealed and among the best funerals is Souljah Love’s funeral.

The late Pamamonya ipapo hitmaker was buried at Warren Hills Cemetery.

Mourners who attended Soul Jah Love’s burial on at Warren Hills cemetery left behind a huge trail of destruction that many described as ‘disgraceful’.

Ginimbi’s funeral is also among the best five.

Thousands of people from Zimbabwe and different parts of the world thronged the usually sleepy town of Domboshava to pay tribute to extravagant Harare businessman and socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure who died in a car accident.

The list of biggest five funerals also includes Mugabe’s funeral, Morgan Tsvangirai’s funeral and Oliver Mtukudzi’s funeral

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