Julius Malema says he is going to be vaccinated in Zimbabwe and so as many South Africans.

South Africa’s opposition EFF leader Julius Malema has praised Zimbabwe’s Covid-19 vaccination programme noting that fellow South Africans were crossing the border to get some doses in the country.

“Who would have thought that Zimbabwe can be better than South Africa with something? “In this day and age, Zimbabwe is beating South Africa when it comes to vaccination. “Let me tell you, people with money are going to Zimbabwe to be vaccinated if you do not know.

“People are leaving South Africa to be vaccinated in Zimbabwe because Zimbabwe is using all the types of vaccines and people are going there. “Here we are stuck with a businessman of a President who looks at profit before the lives of people,” said Malema while referring to President Cyril Ramaphosa

Below is a video of him saying that he wants to be vaccinated in Zimbabwe.