Socialite Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg has apologised to Nelia Kadungure after she was paid by Fally Ipupa Jnr to expose her secrets.

Tatelicious had earlier revealed that Nelia was cheating on Fally Ipupa with a 50 year old politician. 

This development comes after Tatelicious shared a video about forgiveness on her social media platforms.

She urged people to forgive one another to unlock their blessings.

“Humility will take you far, be humble unosvika kure. Learn to say sorry even zvichirwadza,” Tatelicious said.

Nelia then commented on the Queen’s post on instagram demanding for forgiveness.

“Chibva wandikumbira ruregerero.
Tatelicious responded by saying:”I am sorry sweetheart, I am happy you are here.
“Fally is a good guy tauriranai zviite.
“Love you Nelly.”
Tatelicious is known for blasting different socialites and she recently made peace with Mai Tt