Ginimbi’s sister Nelia Kadungure is dating a 50 year old married politician

Controversial socialite, Tatelicious, has exposed Nelia Kadungure, Ginimbi’s little sister, for her nasty works, through a leaked phone call with her boyfriend ‘s sister.

Tatelcious says Nelia is cheating with this 50 year old politician.

Tatelcious said:

Charity really begins at home for sure, but for it to begin at home, one needs family members to teach him or her the charity.

It looks like Genius Kadungure was a real big brother to his sister, as Nelia is going astray after his death.

Nelia has not just lost her brother, but also her dignity, as she starts visiting prophet’s who are giving her wrong information and advise.

A prophet recently told her that she’s meant to be dating people who are rich and mainly politicians.

Nelia took the story to her baby daddy ‘s sister and bragged about it.

Tatelicious said Nelia is cheating on her boyfriend with a fifty year’s old politician who’s believed to be richer than the baby daddy and is being referred as her mbinga.

The mbinga is believed to be a politician, since her boyfriend was arrested for no reason with the people he believe he used CIDs to do his dirty job.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.