Borrowdale Community Church founder, Dr Shingi Munyeza, has today announced his return to public life after four months of being out of the spotlight.

Writing on his Facebook profile, Dr Munyeza simply said : Ndadzoka (I am back).

Many Zimbabweans welcomed the return and easily forgave the once popular man of God and government critic.

It is not clear if Dr Munyeza will go back to his position in the church as there has not been any official statement by church leaders, Bishop Ngwiza Mnkandla.

Dr Shingi Munyeza was fired from Borrowdale Community Church on 20 January. 

Dr Munyeza was fired from the Borrowdale Community Church after he was exposed by his own daughter, Nomsa, on a Facebook post in which he was wishing his wife a happy anniversary.

Nomsa Munyeza at her wedding

Nomsa commented on the post:

Happy anniversary to the wife you cheat on and the daughter that you leave fatherless. Your fake evil ūüėą.¬†

The situation escalated and Dr Munyeza was eventually linked to many other women, including Natalie Mhandu (below).

Natalie Mhandu denied dating Dr Shingi Munyeza

It remains to be seen if Dr Munyeza will rise from the scandal or if his marriage will survive the public scrutiny.