A Zimbabwean man, Bvumai Mavunga, has been arrested in Botswana after police raided illegal Zimbabwean Immigrants this evening.

Mavunga told police that his catalytic converters business made P3 million per week and did not pay tax.

He has a fleet of 60 cars that travel all over Botswana stripping cars of their catalytic converters.

Each car has two emploures who remove catalytic converters and replace them with a pipe.

The voice newspaper reported that :

Police today raided illegal immigrants and businesses that are illegally trading in catalytic converters in Mogoditshane.

They arrested a Zimbabwean man, Bvumai Mavunga, who was found in possession of catalytic converters which he failed to account for.

The 60 cars that Mavunga used for his business were seized and 32 illegal Zimbabweans were arrested.

Please click here to watch the video of the arrest.