PROPHECY: ZAOGA to split into at least 5 churches

Divine Kingdom Baptist Ministries leader Pastor Ian Ndlovu says one of the big churchs leader in Zimbabwe is about to die.

Giving a prophecy recently, Ndlovu said a leader in that big church must groom a successor before he dies.

Dr Ian Ndlovu said:

“According to what i have seen in the spirit, in that big church the most senior leader in that Church must groom a clear successor to himself because his days are now near.

“The little time that God has given him, its for him to groom someone.

He said that most loyal people to that leader are waiting for this him to die.

“I have seen five churches coming out from that church after that leader is gone.

“Most people ask me why I like pocking my nose into other peoples’ but God has sent me to deliver the news, if someone believes that its not God let’s not wait for what will happen.

He also revealed that what happened to AFM might be way better than what will happen to that big church if the leader does not groom a successor.
“God has given that leader a window to groom someone.”

Please watch the video above this post for more details.