Super rich Sangoma, Dr Kehlelezi has revealed that he was initiated into the spiritual world when he was 11 years old, in Zimbabwe.

Dr Kehlelezi is known all over the world and has been to Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt to perform rituals.

Dr Kehlelezi has multiple luxury cars


Dr Kehlelezi said when he was 11 years old, he was taken to Njelele where there is a special rock that speaks only to spiritually gifted people.

On arrival, after the ritual, the rock spoke and said he was very gifted and nany people will come to consult with him.

His training took two years. He started seeing patients when he was 13.

Dr Kehlelezi said he eventually moved to Johannesburg when he was around 18 years old.

Bullet proof

Dr Kehlelezi said after his training was complete, he was directed to the most dangerous hostels in Kwa Mashu, KZN, to begin his work.

Dr Kehlelezi said he became so popular and there were always cars parked at his home.

Kehlelezi has multiple luxury cars

Dr Kehlelezi said many people became jealousy of him and one day, he was shot nine times and the most bullets hit him from the front, but did not penetrate.

He said he made a mistake of turning his back on the shooter, and the last bullet penetrated him from the back.

The bullet stayed in his body for two years and was eventually removed.

Dr Kehlelezi sells his herbs online


Dr Kehlelezi, who is also runs a church, said many prophets have came to his home to receive superpowers. He said most of them got angry when he also started wearing a suit and preaching the word of God.


Dr Kehlelezi said he has interests in multiple listed and unlisted businesses. Kehlelezi said he has a lucky charm (Isigubhu).

Dr Kehlelezi in his living room

Dr Kehlelezi says he has pharmacies that are highly profitable. He also has a radio show.

Dr Kehlelezi says he is a hard worker and sleeps only a few hours every night.

However, Dr Kehlelezi says he is not part of the illuminati (Ukuthwala/Kuromba).

Dr Kehlelezi outside his home

He says if a person has ukuthwala, you will see them by constant deaths in their family as this practice spills blood regularly.

Dangerous rituals. 

Dr Kehlelezi says there are dangerous rituals like getting the body from a grave. He says this ritual involves putting meat on top of a grave for three days. Maggots will rise from the body and come up to eat the meat. When he picks up the meat, Dr Kehlelezi says that meat is now the same as having the body of the person who is in that grave.

Dr Kehlelezi and his wife

Dr Kehlelezi said there is also a Sandawana. He said there are only 2 or 3 Sandawanas in South Africa. He says the Sandawanas requires blood of the person that is most loved, after which the owner of the Sandawana will become super rich.

Slay Queen – Dr Kehlelezi says for women who want to date wealthy men, he has the slay queen that makes them desirable to men.

Dr Kehlelezi outside his home

He says once a man is with such a woman, he will lose his mind and give her money.

For men, he has Kuze Kuse, which can bypass female family planning methods as a man becomes super strong.

Dr Kehlelezi regularly posts pictures of his new cars

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