Tatelicious Says Shugeta is Destroying Anna Chibaby Honde’s Brand

Sweden-based socialite, Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg has warned Anna Chibaby Honde to separate social life from business.

This comes after Anna posted a picture of Shugeta grabbing her behind.

Tatelicious said Anna should try to separate her relationships from work because it’s destroying her brand

“Zviri kuku urayira brand.
Who you date its your right and choice and we have to respect that.”

Tate said since Anna started showing off Shugeta, her ratings have dropped drastically.

“Remember Shugeta is just a boyfriend not your husband. Kubuda wakabatwa garo nemunhu asina kukuroora zvinobvisa chimiro big time because hausi hure sesu vamwe”.

“I personally like your confidence,craft of your skits and how you MC events. Separate private life from work then you survive this industry.You might ask wani Queen you post your dating & sex life,my Response is ini sehure ndenge ndichito Advetiza kuma potential clients but IWE HAUZI HURE.”