The Civic or Crisis Coalition is attempting to get help from neighboring countries.

The group has so far been to Mozambique and is currently in Namibia.

The director of the Coalition revealed that the group has been on different countries meeting with influential political groups.

” we’ve embarked on a series of meetings with the liberation movement in the region. We are talking about SWAPO, We are talking about the ANC, as a means also to try and have them engage their counterparts,” said the director.

The formation of the coalition comes at a time when opposition members are being detained.

MDC Alliance MP Joana Mamombe and activist Cecilia Chimbiri are still in Chikurubi after they were arrested for holding a press conference at a time there was lockdown.

Prominent activist Haruzivishe Makomborero was convicted and jailed for 14 months for inciting public violence.

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