Mwonzora says all political parties should adopt the strategy of Dialogue ahead of Independence

MDC T leader Douglas Mwonzora says all political parties in Zimbabwe should adopt the strategy of dialogue to make Zimbabwe great again.

Addressing the nation ahead of Independence day, Mwonzora said:

“This independence came after a gruelling war of liberation was fought with main objectives including, social, political and economic justice, universal suffrage, access to equal opportunities, including land, human rights and democracy.

He said after independence there was no shared national vision, political strife, war, violence and femicide took place.

“Our people were subjected to economic injustice and corruption. There was no social protection for the weak and vulnerable. Our people were subjected to the politics of hate and disenfranchisement”

“In order for this to happen, we need to adopt as a country the strategy of dialogue and will of tolerance is the mainstay of political strategy. We need to get rid of the politics of hate acrimony, violence, intolerance, it is substitute, same with the politics of rational disputation and tolerance”.

Mwonzora added that united, “we can make this lending great again. Together we shall win victory is said”.