Dr Ian Ndlovu yesterday issued a prophecy about events that are about to occur in Zimbabwe.

The prophecy was interpreted to mean that some leaders will leave ZANU PF, which was formed in 1963, to join a new popular political party that will be formed shortly.

The rise of the new political party will coincide with the weakening of ZANU PF.

Speaking using riddles, Dr Ian Ndlovu said :

I was standing by the shore of a large lake. Then I saw a beast, with a unique name, which was on his forehead arising out of the waters, and the waters were troubled.

It was rising above the waves.

The Beast swam to the shore of the lake. And so many people, young and old, come and congregated and ralled around it.

The rise of this beast will coincide with the weakening or the waning of trend of a confidence beast , which has existed from the 1960s.

I had two questions. Is this God’s will or not. And then the second question is, will the beast be a home for those who are old and for those who are young.

I am definitely referring to something which will take place in Zimbabwe very soon, related to messages that we’ve spoken about in the past.

The beast which has existed since the 1960s and 1970s. It will weaken in the near future.

I know that the beast is confident. But some events are okay in the near future, which will cause this beast to weaken.

Some will leave the old beast to rally around the new beast.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.