South Africa Sends Soldiers To Mozambique

Cyril Ramaphosa, the South African president, confirmed this morning that he has sent troops to Mozambique following an attack by insurgents on a multi-billion-rand off-shore gas project in Palma.

Ramaphosa held an urgent meeting with SANDF officials on Saturday to discuss the attack in Palma, Mozambique.

Ramaphosa said, “We are attending to the matter on an ongoing basis. We have already attended to the issue of evacuating those South Africans who are stranded in Mozambique. And one of those who passed away, the SANDF has brought him back. We remain involved in securing the safety of our people in Mozambique.”

A few weeks ago, the SA Navy ramped up anti-piracy patrols in the Mozambique Channel and said the patrols and continued deployment of 200 soldiers, under the SANDF’s Operation Copper, would continue until March 2023.

The militias have been terrorizing the region since at least 2017, attacking the town on three fronts