In 2021, as African people, we are living our lives and making decisions based on perception and not reality

My Africanism has very little to do with my dress. Although we cannot be arrogant and ignore the fact that we have to dress very decently as African people, and portray the queens and kings of Africa. My Africanism is defined by my ideologies, by my mindset, by the power that I have, by my spirituality, by my vision, by my self awareness, and by my subconscious mind.

I’ve encountered some people who look very African from a distance. Because of their way of dressing, but I realize that they are in actual fact, perpetuating the Western agenda.

There’s a great need to reflect deeply on the fundamentals that got us here to start with. If we are not cautious, this could be just another month, on our calendars, just like Africa Day.

We still have people who don’t understand what Africa is about, they dress up in the regalia and African attire, they take pictures for social media and then at the end of the day they bring it back to their closets.

Let’s stand reminded that we had vision 2000 And we also had vision 2010 Then we had vision 2023 before that we had vision 2020 And now we’re talking about the seven pillars of 2063, and it may go on after that.

But I’m going to ask a very prevalent question we should ask ourselves as well as African people. How much have we achieved so far towards the African agenda?

How far have we gone to separate ourselves from our history?

How far have we gone post colonial era to extinguish the Western one sided narrative.

If you want to look at our history between 1881 and 1914, the scramble of Africa, that was brutally imposed on us. As early as, 1840 after that European powers already established trading posts.

I come from Zimbabwe and am staying in South Africa, Zimbabwe was Rhodesia in 1892. Thomas Miekles, had already opened a trading business in then fort Victoria, which is now Masvingo and in 1915 He opened a hotel in Harare, which still exists right now in Zimbabwe.

In as early as 1914 Kutama College was established.

So now , so far more than 40 years of after independence, do we have anything measure progress towards the African uniting the African agenda?

I hold the view that before we speak of the future of Africa. Let’s look closely at our past, with no blinkers. Let’s accept that we are damaged, physically, economically, psychological, spiritual, and beyond. And we should be pragmatic, yes, but until we flush out the garbage, we may not encounter challenges beyond what many Africans need to heal. I believe that healing will come with subconscious and psychological change to the people, and also to our teachers and our societies.

This will assist us achieve the true freedom of the African mind. Sankara, Samora Machel, Julius Nyerere, Mohammed Gaddafi, Robert Mugabe, and more: they all had a vision for us. But the mindset of our society was the same as it is now.

Even worse,

a place of brokenness, is where we are damaged, so no sense of self, lack of confidence, lack of identity.

We allowed the West to define who we are for hundreds of years prior to seeing leadership.

We have allowed the colonizers to create what I would like to call educated creators, social, political, economically, and mentally.

With all that knowledge, we must not be of the illusion that the same system that colonized us is the same system that will emancipate us, we will be lying to ourselves.

Professor Patrick Lumumba acceded to me in an interview, I held with him in October 2020 that Africa, must devolve policies that are in the best interest of Africa. And it should be done on an equal footing, so that they can be mutually beneficial.

And I personally hold the view that it is underway, and we will we’ll get there, and we are all hopeful of a new era for the African people.

We must know and we must be under no illusions that even the vision will see a difference in perspectives, and perhaps resistance from the beneficiaries of the current setup of Africa right now.

There is need for removals of the shackles of the mind. And I also must say that we must be fully aware and prepared for this journey of evolution and it’s not just talk about it.

A psychological economic and educational progression as I would like to call it.

In the pre colonial era, we trusted the Dutch we trusted the English, we trusted the Spaniards, just to mention a few. Surprisingly, we have also added Chinese people. To my surprise, we have allowed them to penetrate Africa to the state security levels in some African countries.

In Kenya, in 2018, a Chinese called an African man a baboon.

I refuse to be called black, because my color, the complexion is not black my complexion is not like and a lot of us as African people we’re not black, and black was used to actually make us hate ourselves.

So I use the word, ethnic, because we have so many complexions. And we are athletes.

So in Zimbabwe, you also have a man who was shot by his Chinese employer, over a salary dispute.

Unfortunately in Zimbabwe, the Chinese man is in jail as we speak. But what could have happened in a country like Zambia where they have taken Chinese people to be police officers?

Well, fortunately, of course, the whole community made noise about it and they had to let the Chinese police officers go. And imagine that penetration to the state security of the country.

But let’s be reminded that China provided billions of dollars of loans for infrastructure projects to Sub Saharan Africa.

So Zambia was now leading it was leading to a recent pressure with Zambia to hand over to the utility company of the country to the Chinese. Imagine what could have happened, or what would happen because they are still in talks. But it’s because we have allowed so many visitors to come into our space and allowed them to do as they please.

This illustrates that, as African people we have literally handed over the keys and our wealth to visitors. Or should I call them colonizers.

We have the lives of Strive Masiyiwa, even from Zimbabwe Aliko Dangote from Nigeria. I wanted to believe that everyone is born with the power of choice. And what we do with that power is entirely up to us.

Do we define ourselves based on our circumstances, or do we define ourselves based on our vision?

We have allowed the Western media to be our controllers, robbing the world of the true experience of our true selves due to the crippling fear of being called primitive.

We must remind ourselves that Africa is not primitive. We have technology now, unique since pre colonial era. And most of the technology that we see now in experience is just a duplication of what we already had.

The question stands. Do we even see what it is that we possess in its fullest splendor?

The African story has been one sided for centuries and the Western media has been duplicating fictional stories about Africa for their own benefits.

African media is not doing enough to exhibit the status quo of the origins and history of Africa.

And I believe the honor is ours to start today.

The state media and independent media must start to work together in one accord, to build the powerhouse we are all hoping for.

We must understand that we are creating history daily and a legacy, that is what we will leave for our future generation.

And that legacy should be of power of proactiveness of heroism and not of victims.

Africa is the richest continent in the world. The surface of the cradle of humanity has been blessed with infinite beauty. Africa has about 2000 precious and unique minerals and more. A paradise inhabited by the most beautiful souls. And nevertheless, the richest continent is not been a blessing but a curse.

May I remind you that Africa is the largest continent in the world. I believe that success begins in the mind.

But the fundamental question is, are our minds prepared to change?

Have we prepared our future generation to propel that vision? Are they not overwhelmed by a fallacy of a world that is non existence and wealth created by our very own minerals in the Western media houses that manipulates the mantra?

I commend the need to incentivize research, innovation and pharmaceutical hubs, and a new educational system that promotes self actualization, self motivation and not idealism.

Speaking of pharmaceuticals. I believe Africa does not need a vast pharmaceutical research hubs, they are there already, we do have them.

I’m not under the illusion that technology is not essential, but I also hold the view that our medication is right at our doorsteps, fresh, raw, and free of toxins that do not compromise our health and our life expectancy.

I must also mention that, from our people, African scientists and researchers are scattered all over the world right now in Western countries, who are willing to come back to Africa, given a political stability.

So the onus is on us to create that environment for our most educated people to come through.

Africa has been bullied into administering the COVID-19 vaccine right now that has not been proven to be safe.

A fallacy, promoting fictitious ideas of our oppressors. How many African leaders have supported Madagascar. Which publicly announced their herbal cure through its innovative President Andrew Rajoelina.

How can we unashamedly stand out in declare that we are Africans, when we do not support our own initiators and our own innovations.

I can list 10 countries right now that have already adopted the wisdom, nano best vaccines, with an ability to alter our DNA, but nobody’s asking those questions.

Some African leaders have already embarked on forced vaccinations. Everything around us is designed to make us think and behave in a way that is beneficial to the white societies.

In conclusion, how is Africa going to stand among Western giants, and be counted in the League of Nations.

Where lack unity: our own inventors, we victimize, our own remedies, we discard, our own ideologies, we despise, our own religion, we shun, our own education system, we disregard.

Who are we, who are we, and who do we really want to be?

Let me remind you that the power of a prison is in the oppressed!