The Chronicle reports that former model, Sipho Mazibuko has not yet made a police report on the allegations that she is leveling against Prof Jonathan Moyo.

Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga has directed police in Bulawayo to look for former model Sipho Mazibuko as part of investigations following her rape allegations against Professor Jonathan Moyo.

This comes after Sipho posted on her Facebook page last Friday claiming that Prof Moyo raped her 11 years ago while she was pregnant.

She said efforts to report Prof Moyo, whom she said was powerful at the time, were ignored.

Nyathi said although Mazibuko has not yet formally made a police report, the officer commanding police in Bulawayo, Commissioner Patton Mbangwa, has been instructed to handle the matter.

“The officer commanding Bulawayo is trying to get in touch with Ms Ncube-Mazibuko so that we can verify her statement on Facebook and conduct inquiries. She has not made a formal report, but I can confirm that the officer commanding police in Bulawayo is looking for her,” he said.

Meanwhile, Professor Moyo denied the allegations, which he described as “outrageous”.

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