Prominent UK based lawyer Alex T Magaisa has called out Morgen Komichi to Apologise for joining the subversion of people’s will.

In a Twitter thread, Magaisa said he used to work with Komichi however his respect for him has been diminished by Komichi’s conduct.

Magaisa slammed Komichi for arrogantly wielding the axe against fellow MPs & councillors last year.

“A man does not urinate on the heads of people & then ask them why they are unhappy with him. It was you who threw stones first”.

He added that Komichi is not in a position to take the moral high ground, playing the humble servant when there’s utter carnage behind him.

“You should look those people – voters, MPs, councillors – in the eye & at least apologise”, wrote Magaisa.

“When you were axing elected representatives, grabbing money due to the MDC Alliance claiming they were yours & imposing losers like Khupe into Parliament, it was you guys who were insulting not only the voters but democracy itself. You were throwing stones, Senator @MKomichi”.