Lilian Timveos, the eccentric MDC Alliance deputy treasurer, yesterday quit the party after falling out with party president, Nelson Chamisa.

The relationship between Chamisa and Lilian is said to have deterioted to the point where Chamisa blocked her on his phone.

In her resignation letter addressed to national chairwoman, Tabitha Khumalo, Timveos said.

Dear Chairman Moms

I want to thank the MDC for the time we were together, it has been years and we have worked for common good of our citizens, however I have decided to resign from the organization and be a family woman. My kids need me, and I think it’s about time I become a housewife.

Thank you Chairman.

Please extend my warmest regards to the rest of the team God bless.

Recalled Senator Lilian Timveos

Lillian is now reported to be in talks with MDC-T,  seeking forgiveness and readmission after originally aligning herself with the MDC Alliance.

She is reported to have confided in close friends that Chamisa and his leadership team did not take advise and failed to communicate their plans with members of the National Council.

She was reportedly frustrated with Chamisa after she tried to discuss her views with him and he told her to be patient.

Lillian was one of the first senators recalled by Thokozani Khuphe when she took over after the Supreme court ruling that declared the appointment of Nelson Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri as unconstitutional.