MDC-T Secretary General,  Douglas Mwonzora,  has revealed that Dr Thokozani Khuphe ‘s allies tried to get him arrested ahead of the MDC-T extraordinary congress on trumped up charges.

Writing in a statement issued this evening,  Mwonzora said a fake police report was made by Murimoga,a Khuphe aligned member of the MDC-T.

Yesterday the Acting Deputy Treasurer General wrote a letter to all EOC delegates
were he made serious accusations against me. The accusations are false and
malicious and were calculated to affect my chances at the Congress.

They were also calculated to cause my arrest and detention just before Congress. This was planned
with one Murimoga who was instructed to make a false report to the Police and

The Treasurer General is currently out of the country. The correct position
regarding the party finances is as follows:

1. The Party received ZWL 7.9 million around June 2020. Of this amount a total
of ZWL 3.5 million was set aside for congress. This translated into USD $35
000 and was put in the custody of the Acting Treasurer General.

2. The party then received another ZWL $14.9 million as part of the government
grant. The Finance and Administration Committee chaired by the Secretary
General sat and resolved on how this money was to be spent. Specifically it
set aside money for Congress. Its recommendations were adopted by the
Standing Committee chaired by the Acting President. Mr Chief Ndlovu sat
and actively participated in both the meetings of the Finance and
Administration Committee and the Standing Committee meetings.

3. Unfortunately on the 19th of December 2020, the Extraordinary Congress was
postponed. However, some delegates had already travelled but their travel
expenses had to be paid still.

4. The National Standing Committee then sat and reviewed the party’s financial
position. It unanimously agreed that the money for Congress was no longer
enough. The President, National Chairman and the Secretary General were then tasked to raise some more resources for Congress to deal with the
transportation of the delegates of congress.

5. The Standing Committee also received a breakdown of all the expenses
incurred to date including preparation of the voter’s roll and ballot papers etc.
The statement also gave the amount of money that the party has at hand.

6. From the breakdown given so far, it is clear that of the ZWL 14.9 million no
money is missing at all. This breakdown given to the Standing Committee is
open for inspection by all party members.

7. The impression created that money can be withdrawn from our bank by one
person is clearly false. In order to remove money from our account there is
always more than one Department involved. There is no way one person can
withdraw money from our accounts.

8. What has been clear to me over the past few weeks is the extent to which my
colleagues can go to frustrate me. They have been extremely dirty and have
even tried to abuse government institutions like the police in order to avoid
competition. This is the type of politics that we will definitely get rid off.

9. The Secretary General does not and has never handled any money except
money given to him.

10.Equally it is wrong for a Treasurer to fail to distinguish his duties from those
of a cashier.

11.All my financial dealings in my capacity as Secretary General have always
been above Board and in terms of the constitution of the party.

12.It is regrettable that to date the party does not have a substantive Treasurer
General. We need a person with experience to run that Department.

13.The problem we have had is the absence of a Treasurer at crucial moments.
For example, Mr Ndlovu, well knowing that we have an Extraordinary
Congress is currently out of the country!

14.The tragedy of the current Treasury is that it has dismally failed to raise a
single cent for the party.

15.We hope that our delegates will not be deterred by these lies and baseless

Please read the full letter below: