UFI founder, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, has slammed Jay Israel and Apostle Chiwenga, whom he said lack maturity and are mentally challenged, respectively.

Makandiwa said Jay Israel has no right to question his integrity because he has been living in sin for years and now that he has ‘repented’, he thinks he has the grace to question people like him.

On Apostle Chiwenga, Makandiwa said he falls in the group of people who are mentally challenged.

Without naming him, he said he will never respond to Apostle Chiwenga, because the attacks that Chiwenga is directing at him do not warrant any feedback.

He said its like a boy who kicks a man, and the pain is nothing to write home about.

Prophet Makandiwa said there are people whose senses are not right. He said most of his critics are in that group.

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