MDC-T Spokesman, Khaliphani Phugeni, has spoken for the first time after rape charges against him were dismissed at the Western Commonage magistrate court yesterday.

Phugeni, who was speaking with party leaders in Bulawayo at a private event, said he had overwhelming support from Zimbabweans across the board.

Phugeni said he knew there was no case and his accuser and her daughter contradicted each other.

Phugeni said he has already written to Dr Thokozani Khuphe and should be back in his office as MDC-T spokesman this week.

Phugeni said he would not wish what he went through to his worst enemy. He said some people were now taking him as a political liability, but his close supporters stood by him and never lost faith in him.

Phugeni said the court agreed with him that the charges were politically motivated. He thanked everyone who supported him and said the most important thing is solidarity.

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