Controversial radio and TV personality, Samantha Musa, popularly known as Miss Red on Monday, clashed with Professor Jonathan Moyo on twitter over an alleged girlfriend of Minister of Foreign affairs, S.B Moyo.

In a tweet, Prof Moyo said the Minister was sharing the forbidden fruit with a Lynette Mahlaba, a junior at the Ministry of Foreign affairs:

“ELSEWHERE, @MinisterSBMoyo is struggling to transfer his choice, Lynette Mahlaba, a junior Ministry staffer to replace an incumbent as Zim’s Consul in Cape Town, SA. Controversially, Lynette and their newly born baby are staying gratis at the Ministry’s Mt Pleasant Guest House!” the tweet read.

Miss Red did not take this well and called Professor Moyo out. She claimed the accused woman was a good friend of hers– she did not stay in My Pleasant and did not have a baby.

“On many occasions we are quiet.. but here @ProfJNMoyo with all due respect is a BLATANT LIE! It’s so wrong to mess with people’s lives like this for political points, this is just not right! She doesn’t live in Mt Pleasant neither has she had any baby! It’s not right!” She replied.

Professor Moyo’s tweet was rubbished by many, including Permanent secretary, Nick Mangwana and novelist, Pettina Gappah.

Lynette Mahlaba

Paradoxically, however, Professor Jonathan Moyo remained adamant that the lady in question is having an affair with the Minister.