Orchestra Mberikwazo dancer, Charles Chembe says he has been serving Alick Macheso for the past 23 years.

Chembe has been with the band since it’s formation.

Born and bred in Chitungwidza the dancer started his journey in his home town Chitungwidza.

In an interview with Rwendo the Journey, Chembe said when growing up, he used to dance behind Zvido bar with his friends in Chitungwidza.

Before joining Alick Macheso’s band, Chembe danced for other bands like Kiama boys, Mawungira express and Makho Sibanda.

Chembe said before working with Alick in 1997, he used to visit him at his home that’s how he got to know about the formation of the band.

The dancer further expressed some gratitude for the 23 years he has been serving Alick and says he looks forward to working with him more.

In his journey with Macheso, Chembe has travelled all the borders of the country and countries like Mozambique, Malawi, UK, South Africa and Ireland.

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