It seems like it’s hard to make peace between Moana’s Father and mother as they are said to be already fighting for her daughter, Tyra’s custody.

In a video circulating on social media, Snodia Chipomho is the mother of Tyra’s ex husband, said she has now taken custody of Tyra because of the fights for her.

“Saka ndasvika mwana achibvutidzanwa ndikazotora Mwana wangu,” she said.

Adding on, Chipomho said she stayed with Moana for three and a half years and never had any problems with her.

“Taka gara naye Moana for three and a half years Kumba kwangu kuKuwadzana akazobva zwake apesana nemwana wangu,” she added.

She further added that after Moana’s seperation with herĀ  son, she still brought Tyra for holidays that is how she developed a relationship with her granddaughter.