Zimbabwe People Power Movement Leader, Albert Matapo, who spent 3 months in Uganda early this year , says the situation in that country is similar to the one in Zimbabwe in many ways.

Matapo says arrested opposition leader, Bobi Wine, is extremely popular and has massive support among youths.

Matapo said if Uganda ‘s elections in January are held freely and fairly, Bobi Wine will win resoundingly.

Matapo said the problem in Uganda, like in Zimbabwe, is that Bobi Wine will not be allowed to take over after he wins.

Matapo says the Uganda military has been used for years to oppress ordinary citizens and many people live in fear.

He said the only alternative left is for Ugandans to use people power to remove Museveni. However, he says the problem is that currently, the attempts to use people power are not organized.

Matapo said in the case of Zimbabwe, they are doing a lot to prepare and people power will succeed where elections are failing to work.

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