Ginimbi’s younger sister, Nelia Kadungure, revealed that Ginimbi was so angry with her that he did not talk to her for a year after she got pregnant while in high school.

Nelia Kadungure in June with the Rolls Royce That Ginimbi had a fatal crash

Speaking at his burial, Nelia revealed that she was always by his side and he was paying for everything including he school fees at a private school.

Nelia Kadungure posing at the Mansion where she lived with Ginimbi and her son, Mukudzei

She admitted that she became addicted to the socialite life and started doing the wrong things, resulting in her pregnancy.

Nelia said she fell in love with the social media life

Nelia said she made up her mind to fix her life and went back to school after the birth of her son (Mukudzei) and eventually got 12 Cambridge points at A’Level.

Nelia fell pregnant while in high school but does not regret having her son, Mukudzei who she posts on social media regularly

She says after she went back to school, her relationship with Ginimbi improved a lot and they became close again.

Nelia is one of the sisters that were left by Ginimbi living at his mansion and she says her father and Ginimbi were a pillar of strength in her life and she is devastated by his death.

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