Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa continued his series on national solutions on Sunday.

Prophet Makandiwa says God is looking for a man that can stop him when he is planning to destroy a nation.

Makandiwa says such a man has to be a perfect man that has lost his personal life and gained a new life.

When such a man enters a city, he is now a represantion of christ. When people receives such a man, they have received Christ.

When you lose your personal life, God starts to communicate with you in a strange way. You move from one level of dream to another level of dream.

It was in a dream that God appeared to Joseph and told him not to put away Mary when she was pregnant with Jesus.

Angels were now visiting the family because there is an individual, Jesus, in that family.

After Jesus was born, that same angel came in a dream and told him to leave and go to Egypt. When he was in Egypt, he had another dream to go back to Egypt, because the people who wanted to kill him were all dead.

This shows the importance of dreams. If Joseph had lost the dimension of dreams, he would have stayed in Egypt.

So, if you want to go by dreams, you have to wait for the next dream.

You can be hit by a certain dream before you are in deep sleep. When you are alternating between consciousness and unconsciousness. You can have a dream in that state. In that you can hear an instruction.

When God opens your ears, he is confiming an instruction that was given you at birth.

As long as your kidneys are spirituality active, they will purify your dreams. They are not just physical, but also special.

Your blood passes through the kidneys more than 50 times a day. You blood carries data, that is why your blood is said to speak.

Wrong programs can be stored in your blood. The filtration process needs to be activated.

You can be prayed for and your kidneys can be activated removing curses. Utterances and curses that were trapped in your blood will be removed through filtration of your blood.

Please watch the video above for more details.