Police in Bulawayo have not arrested anyone in connection with award winning musician, Calvin Nhlizoyo ‘s hit and run death:

The truth about Wilfred Mafuka, a suspect in Mgcini “Cal Vin” Nhliziyo’s death” ?

Columnist: Justice Ndlovu

I need to set the record straight concerning the suspect Wilfred Mafuka.

1) Wilfred Mafuka doesn’t have a Madza Familiar Car, instead he has a Madza attenza as his car, but Chronicle published on Saturday that the witnesses said Cal Vin was killed by a white Madza Familiar , but the so called suspect owns a Madza Attenza, not a Madza Familiar.

2) Wilfred Mafuka was in the Anti-Sunctions Gala at Rainbow when Cal Vin got involved in such unfortunate incident. His car was parked there the whole night until early in the morning.

3) The accused suspect (Wilfred Mafuka) wasn’t even arrested, as Chronicle stated, that Wilfred Mafuka was arrested.

4) The damage in his (Wilfred Mafuka) car is dating back from 11 October, when he was in Gweru, as he struck a dog, and the footage is there in tollgates as a proof. This is against the fact that he is the one who killed Cal Vin as Cal Vin died by 25 October, when he was in a Gala, fighting for the removal of illegal sunctions.

5) There is a mudguard which was left by the car which killed Cal Vin, its there by the Police, Traffic West Police Station, it doesn’t match with Wilfred Mafuka’s Car, and his car has all mudguards.

6)Wilfred Mafuka’s car was taken to VID Bulawayo for inspection, and the VID reported in writting that its not the car which killed Cal Vin, it has been proven, the evidence is there by Traffic West.

7) There were little bit of blood stains in his car bumper, as he struck the dog along Gweru Bulawayo Road, so the Police took those blood stains to NUST for forensic evidence and blood testing , wether its the blood for a human being or for a dog for sure, unfortunately the results are not yet out.

8)Wilfred Mafuka didn’t hand over himself to the Police, the police traced his car through a number plate, after someone reported that his car had a dent, this led the investigating officer to call him to come to the police station, not handing himself to the police, the police didn’t even arrest him.

9) On Friday after Wilfred came from VID thinking that so far VID has cleared him, maybe his car will be released as an investigating officer who was leading the investigation promised to release the car , so far the evidence was overwhelming from VID inspection, but shockingly the lady who is an Officer in Charge at Traffic West Police Station, said she needs to make a call wether to release a car or not, in a shocking developement, she said the people who were responsible for the release of the car were at NUST , as there were with President at the Graduation.

This raised many questions , as this was considered as so political than just a mere investigation, why then the officer who is an investigation officer, calls an unknown person for the release of a car, or l don’t know the responsibility of the Officer In Charge ?

Then the next morning Chronicle News paper woke up publishing that Wilfred Mafuka is a suspect who handed over himself to the police.

Wilfred Mafuka now lives in fear of being stoned by the fans, relatives and friends of Cal Vin, as his picture now circulates in Social Media, because of reckless publicity, which published his name.