Popular Zimbabwean Comedian, blogger and musician, Mai Titi (Felistas Edwards) , yesterday met with South African dancer, Zodwa Wabantu, in South Africa.

An excited Mai Titi is seen in a short video posted on her YouTube channel, marveling at Zodwa’s dressing.

So you walk around like this? Are you not afraid of what people will think?

To which Zodwa responded, I don’t care!

Mai Titi then asks Zodwa to turn around, which Zodwa does without any protest.

Mai Titi then tells Zodwa that she has an amazing body.

The video ends with Zodwa saying :

Let’s go and drink my friend.


Mai Titi is one of the most followed bloggers in Zimbabwe, with over 500 000 followers on her Facebook Page. She also runs the channel, Mai Titi’s diaries.