Mnangagwa Must Act On Judges Letter – Albert Matapo

Mnangagwa Must Suspend Malaba

Zimbabwe People Power Movement Leader, Albert Matapo, says Mnangagwa is the only person who can act on the letter of compliant about Zimbabwe Chief Justice, Luke Malaba.

Matapo said the issues raised in the letter are genuine and are matters of concern that should not be left unattended.

Matapo said when he was released in March 2014, after spending 7 years without trial, he has bee saying that the Judiciary is captured and Zimbabweans were not listening.

Matapo said the capture of the Judiciary started during Mugabe ‘s time.

Matapo said some of the judges confided to his lawyers that they were being told how to rule and in some cases, the judgements will be written elsewhere by the CIO.

Matapo says the judges have shown professionalism by writing the letter. He said what happened in Malawi is an example, where judges refused to be captured leading to a free and fair elections.

Matapo said Zimbabweans should support the judges in this new stance so that they can have confidence to continue in this way.

Matapo thanked the judges and said this is what Zimbabwe has been waiting for for many years.

In an unpredecedent move, Zimbabwe judges wrote a public letter to Zimbabwe President, E.D, Mnangagwa, complaining about Malaba and their working conditions.

Key Points

  1. Malaba is interfering with Supreme court judgements at all levels.
  2. Malaba is interfering with the Judicial services commission.
  3. Judges conditions of service have not been reviewed for a long time
  4. Judges Earn less than junior Lawyers and Are struggling
  5. Administrative staff are spying on judges.

Please read the full letter by clicking the letter below :

Working Conditions In Judiciary