Kennedy Mandaza, speaking exclusively on Gambakwe Media, said the sanctions that were imposed by the US on Zimbabwe are not targeted as they are harming ordinary citizens.

Mandaza said the US is imposed the sanctions to prevent other countries in Southern Africa from embarking on their own land reform programs and not for the reasons that the US Embassy in Harare is always mentioning.

Harare US Embassy tweeted conditions for lifting of sanctions

Mandaza said the US and EU want to keep a stranglehold on Southern African countries through scare tactics.

Mandaza said in a recent report by the Rand Corporation, sanctions against Zimbabwe were likened to Carpet bombing.

The Centre for economic research reported that sanctions result in a decrease of a country by 25% per annum, which impacts the daily livelihood of ordinary individuals.

Mandaza said Zimbabweans have ran away from hyperinflation caused by sanctions in Zimbabwe and this is affecting the region.

Mandaza said Mnangagwa has came up with sufficient programs to mitigate the sanctions, resulting in infrastructure developments.

Mr Jaison Midzi from ZPP, agreed with Mandaza and said his party will be joining in the march that is planned for Sunday the US Embassy in South Africa.

Midzi said the amount of money that Zimbabwe has received from the US is insignificant and is only about $800 000 per annum compared to the billions that the country has lost due to the sanctions.

Midzi said the sanctions are racist and should be lifted with immediate effect.

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