Politicians in both ZANU-PF and the MDC are responsible for the planned Chitungwiza house and illegal structures demolitions, says ZPP shadow MP for Chitungwiza South Paul Soti.

Soti said corruption is rampant in the sale of stands in the dormitory town and there is an urgent need to address the problem in the council.

Soti, who will be contesting as for the position  of MP in the next elections, said Chitungwiza residents should elect people of integrity who are interested in developing the town and not just vote blindly on the basis of party.

Soti said corruption is a problem in all councils all over Zimbabwe. Some citizens are also buying stands knowing full well that the stands are illegal. There are also syndicates operating in cities including those who connect water.

However, some unsuspecting residents find themselves settled in the wrong areas believing that they are doing everything above board.

There is also construction in open spaces and areas earmarked for schools, community parks and car parks. A councilor in Chitungwiza has also built in the middle of a road.

Macylen Mpofu Jensen, Director or research at ZPP, says the consequences for corruption are small and therefore councillors and other council officals continue with this corruption knowing that they will get to keep the proceeds of their illegal activities.

Soti said as the ZPP shadow MP, he will not be waiting for 2023 to start working. Soti said the ideology that motivates ZPP is work ethic based. He said supervision is a day to day activity and the party is already on the ground working on solutions with residents.

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