Zimbabwe Soldiers Shoot Dead 2 Victoria Falls Villagers In tribal fight

Zimbabwe National Army are reported to have killed 2 unarmed villagers at Chisuma business centre, 10km from Victoria falls this week in a tribal fight that has left the community deeply divided.

The local community has now written a petition demanding that the accomplice of the soldiers, Munyaradzi Mulaudzi , and the two soldiers, must leave the village.

Munyaradzi Mulaudzi reported the deceased to the soldiers

Munya ‘s house was last night burnt down by angry villagers. Munya himself has not been seen since the cold blooded shooting happened.

Villagers burnt down Munyaradzi Mulaudzi’s house

Circumstances Surrounding the Shooting

Villagers told Gambakwe Media that the two soldiers were drinking at a local bar Munya while the deceased and two others were drinking outside. Munya is said to have pointed out the four to the soldiers and said these two Ndebele speaking guys are always giving me trouble.

When the two deceased were preparing to go home, the soldiers ran to their camp and dressed up in military uniform and armed themselves.

Munya drove them back to the bar and confronted the two near the local clinic. The soldiers fired 7 shots,  three which hit Morgan Sibanda and another three which hit Dumisani Mpofu. Another shot hit a passing car’s tyres.

After seeing that the two were dead, Munya and the two soldiers drove towards victoria falls. However, they were intercepted by police and were arrested.

About Chisuma Business Centre

The incident happened at Chisuma business centre. Chisuma is 10 km from Victoria falls town, next to the Zambezi rafting station where tourist dock off after canoing from Vic falls along the Zambezi river.

Villages want the undisciplined soldiers to leave the area.

They accuse the soldiers of being tribal and sleeping with young girls from the area at Chisuma primary school where they are camped.

Villagers disputes the version given out by the police, who claimed that the villagers tried to disarm the soldiers before the shooting.

Funeral arrangements for the two deceased villagers are under way, and their bodies are currently at Victoria falls mortuary.