In a Shocking u-turn, senior ZANU PF representatives, Patrick Chinamasa and Simbarashe Mumbengegwi said during a press conference yesterday that the ANC can not prescribe what needs to happen in Zimbabwe.

Mumbengegwi said the ANC and ZA did not agree that there will be any future meetings with opposition parties such as the MDC Alliance.

The announcement during a press conference puts to rest the possibility of the ANC coming back to Zimbabwe to meet the MDC Alliance of Nelson Chamisa.

Key Points

1. Zimbabwe is not a province of South Africa

2. South Africa has no oversear or mediatory role to play in the region

3. There is no need for an interventionist approach in the relationship between SA and Zimbabwe

4. Both ZANU and ANC face an existential threat

5. South Africa has an apartheid relationship with its neighbors

6. ZANU PF is a victim of fake news and social medi

7. There is no crisis in Zimbabwe

8. Sanctions are causing economic problems in Zimbabwe

9. G40 are being allowed political space in South Africa by the ANC

10. Western governments are behind ANC’ s delegation to Zimbabwe

11. Zimbabwe has not provided any economic assistance since the sanctions were imposed

12. Thabo Mbeki was asked to assistance with GNU mediation because the UK was about to attack Zimbabwe