Prominent Zimbabwe political analyst, Tafadzwa Sambiri (amchambii) says ZANU PF is deliberately provoking the ANC with the hope that they will abandon their attempts to kick start dialogue in Zimbabwe.

Sambiri, who was a key member of the team that audited the Zimbabwe voters roll in 2018, said the situation in Zimbabwe is delicate and the ANC is aware that there is a crisis in the country that needs an urgent solution.

Sambiri ZANU PF is aware that if there are reforms in Zimbabwe, they will lose power and are therefore not interested in the ANC inĀ  Zimbabwe politics.

Sambiri said Chamisa needs to insist on the involvement of the South Africans because the Zimbabwe government is made up of armed groups and it is not possible to discuss anything with ZANU PF without an external mediator.

Sambiri said POLAD is not an adequate Dialogue because it is supervised by Mnangagwa, who is also a party to the dispute.

2023 Elections

Samhiri said the MDC Alliance is not sufficiently organized to win the 2023 elections because of deep divisions in the opposition and lack of structures.

He said Chamisa needs to do more to work on the rural vote and must start planning for the 2023 elections even as he continues to challenge the 2018 Presidential election results.