Zanu PF acting spokesperson, Cde Patrick Chinamasa says Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti are responsible for drafting the Bishops’ pastoral letter condemning ED Mnangagwa’s rule in power.

Addressing the media on Tuesday, Chinamasa said bishops wrote a scathing letter attacking Mnangagwa for having done nothing however the language used is that of Nelson Chamisa or Tendai Biti.

He said all churches must know that their membership cuts across the political divide thus they should stop being used by the opposition to attack the ruling party.

Chinamasa said the bishops have to ask for dialogue with Mnangagwa because he is open to discuss any issue affecting Zimbabwe however they should stop attacking Mnangagwa alone and condemn all evil be it in ZANU PF or MDC.

Chinamasa said there are sponsored civil society groups working with detractors to spread fake or malicious that Zimbabwe is in a crisis of human rights violations.

The party spokesperson said there is no crisis in Zimbabwe however concerned countries should seek clarity from the foreign affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo, Information ministry, the ruling party or visit the country to see for themselves.

Chinamasa said illegal sanctions imposed on the country by some Western nations are fuelling corruption as they have incapacitated both Government and the private sector from providing competitive salaries therefore leaving workers susceptible to the pervasive vice.

He added that there is a clear link between corruption and the illegal sanctions imposed by some Western nations as punishment for embarking on the land reform programme.

“The illegal sanctions have affected our economy and continuously affect the value of our currency and consequently our returns. Again, due to sanctions our institutions mandated to fight corruption have been incapacitated to investigate swiftly both local and external cases,” said Cde Chinamasa.

The revolutionary party’s acting spokesperson added that the media should play a leading role in exposing corruption which is a threat to the nation Vision 2030 to become a middle class economy.

With the fight against corruption a key priority, Cde Chinamasa said the media is a key ally in the fight against the cancerous vice that is ubiquitous, which is also rampant in churches and the civil society organisations.

He, however, said the media should be wary of being used to drive political agendas but must remain “frank and objective” and apply the highest standards of investigative journalism to unravel the intricacies inherent in corruption cases.

Chinamasa said corrupt MDC councillors are slowing the rate of development in the country.

Chinamasa said there is no refuse collection, no proper roads, no clean water making, raw sewage running everywhere in the residential areas, urban municipalities have become a health time bomb waiting to explode.

Chinamasa said he has noticed that the more corrupt MDC councillors become the more people vote for them to remain in power.

Chinamasa urged MDC officials to desist from corruption tendencies including taking bribes and practising nepotism instead they should join ED Mnangagwa in uprooting corruption from the society.