MDC Alliance President, Nelson Chamisa, had an interview with Peter Ndoro of the SABC on the crisis in Zimbabwe.

Chamisa said what Zimbabwe needs is real change and sanity in its politics.

Chamisa said Zimbabwe needs a five stepsĀ  solution to resolve the Zimbabwe economic and political crisis :

1. Acceptance that the Zimbabwe crisis is a governance crisis

2. A dialogue needs to take place.

3. A Transitional Authority will need to be set up following the Dialogue.

4. During the Transitional period, reforms need to be implemented.

5. Free and Fair elections need to be held after the Transitional period.

Chamisa said the discussion on a government of National Unity (GNU) does not arise because the nature of the crisis need to be understood and that needs to be solved before there can be talk of a solution.

Chamisa welcomed the sending of envoys to Zimbabwe by South Africa President, Cyril Ramaphosa, and said this initiative needs to be given a chance.