Vimbai Chiwuswa, ZPP Director for Education and Policy, says the $3.5 Billion Zimbabwe land compensation agreement that was signed between former commercial farmers is unfair and should be cancelled.

Vimbai said compensation is a waste of resources and the money should have been applied to feeding hungry Zimbabweand and developing delapidated infrastructure.

Vimbai recounted the History of the land disposession in Zimbabwe and said a private company took land away from the local population and gave it away to British citizens.

The locals were also dispossessed of their cattle and had their homes destroyed.

Given this history, Vimbai said the local people should have been compensated first before the people who came to dispossessed them.

Vimbai said Mnangagwa made the decision to compensate the former farmers as he was put under pressure by the British and the Americans.

Please watch the video above for further details.