Zimbabwe People Power Movement Leader Albert Matapo says the statement by Zimbabwe President, ED Mnangagwa that he would flush out malcontents is wishful thinking, and Mnangagwa will soon see who will be flushed out.

Matapo said he stands by his word and Zimbabweans Will soon be free from ZANU-PF rule.

Matapo said Mnangagwa is losing popularity across the world as he has been exposed as a tyrant and an unpopular leader.

Matapo said Zimbabwe People Power Movement has other measures that they will take to liberate Zimbabwe.

Matapo said Zimbabweans Should continue signing the petition that the Zimbabwe People Power Movement is circulating and the rest will follow.

Matapo praised the 31 July Demonstrations as a success as it has brought attention on Zimbabwe.

Matapo said Zimbabweans Should familiarize themselves with the doctrine of lesser Magistrate which was used by tye Amer in their declaration of independence.

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