China Claims half of Tajikistan’s Land.

China has debt-trapped Tajikistan, and now it is claiming 45% of its land which is Pamir stating reasons that it has always been Chinese lands even in history.

The Chinese claim that Pamir belonged to them until the Chin family and thereafter the lands were assumed to belong to Tajikistan because of international pressures.

In 2011 the Chinese had already assimilated 1000 SQ km of Pamir land and made it part of Beijing and it has done so by ways of debt trapping the smaller country.

Almost 350 Chinese companies operate in Tajikistan and recently Beijing has claimed over half of the country’s external debt which is around 39 percent of the country’s GDP.

Over the past years Tajikistan has paid off their debt to China by means of Mining rights however it seems the Chinese are hoping the Pamir regions will be offered next.