MOVEMENT for Democratic Change Alliance spokesperson Advocate Jacob Mafume says people who died in an accident allegedly meant to assassinate Apostle Talent Chiwenga were his relatives innocent people without ill will against the apostle.

Mafume said his relatives Samuel and Evelyn Madzingira together with a young lawyer were not central intelligence officers hired by ZANU PF to assassinate the Apostle.

Mafume said the trio was coming from Bulawayo to his house in Harare for their sister’s funeral who had passed away however they did not make it.

Mafume said Chiwenga’s church is wrong for issuing a statement without first consulting the family of the dead for details and comforting the bereaved families.

Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa said the place where Chiwenga was was involved in an accident is known as as deadly spot which has claimed so many lives.

Mliswa said Chiwenga’s church should stop misleading people stating wrong facts about the accident.

Mliswa added that the road Chiwenga was using is not a one way as the church claimed, it is a dual carriage way.