Douglas Mwonzora says that he will let the people decide their leader at the National Congress for MDC Tsvangirai where he will contest against Thokozani Khupe.

As a loyal member of the MDC T, his vision is to see a socio democratic nation and make sure Zimbabwean citizens have their democracy as they are being oppressed.

In an interview with SABC news, Mwonzora denied allegations that MDC T is a project of ZANU PF and Emmerson Mnangagwa saying that it goes against their vision as MDC T.

Mwonzora also said that he was a close acquaintance of Nelson Chamisa, however he is also a strong follower of the constitution and since Chamisa was going against the constitution, he could not align with him anymore.

He said that even though Chamisa got more votes than Khupe, he was amongst the people that made that possible and it was not Chamisa’s effort alone therefor MDC T stands a chance to have that much votes.

Recent court rulings over the leadership the MDC-T, founded by Morgan Tsvangirai seemingly settled the dispute when the courts ordered that a faction led by Dr Thokozane Khupe are the legitimate holders of the MDC-T and that Ms. Khupe is its interim leader.

A special congress of the party is to be held on the 31st of this month and one of the presidential nominees is the party’s current Secretary-General Douglas Mwonzora.