Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa leader of UFIC ministries says people with money do not show off to the world they keep their wealth to themselves.

Teaching during the Sunday online service, Makandiwa said the person who moves around claiming that he has money has nothing because those with money do not shout out loud.

This comes after Prophet Passion Java who has been showing off his wealth on social media bought his wife two cars within a week as appreciation of having a beautiful wife supporting him all the way.

Makandiwa said the day one gets Money he will not want people to know that he has it because of fear.

Meanwhile Passion Java who felt attacked by the message responded to Makandiwa saying people should leave him alone, he grew up poor thus he has to enjoy his riches.

Java added that there is nothing wrong with showing off his wealth because its something he already has, he gave examples of other pastors and phophets who show their wealth.

Java also announced that the producers of Cribs would be at his house in August to film his house and cars.