Former Zanu PF youth league commissar, Godfrey Tsenengamu says Ethanol business mogul Billy Rautenbach pays salaries for Zanu PF politicians and staff.

Speaking during a media briefing, Tsenengamu said ZANU PF is broke it has been depending on Billy for support

Tsenengamu and youth league secretary general Lewis Matutu were suspended from ZANU pf for naming and shaming cartels sabotaging the economy through corruption.

“They had to act after we said something about him (Rautenbach) because he is the sponsor of the party, he pays salaries for those in the party,” said Tsenengamu.

He added that ZANU PF has been captured as Rautenbach buys cars and provides fuel for the top officials in the party.

Tsenengamu said Rautenbach is manipulating fuel prices: “Why mandatory blending when we were told that if they mix with ethanol, it was going to be cheaper, but the ethanol has pushed the prices of fuel up.”

Tsenengamu also accused Rautenbach of abusing villagers in Chisumbanje while boasting he was untouchable.

At one point he wanted to evict people from Kambuzuma Joshua Nkomo Housing cooperative because he has political connection to the powers that be.