Gcobane Madlanga who grew up in Thembisa Township in South Africa says he found a panty buried in his mother and stepfathers yard in Johannesburg when he was cleaning around the yard.

Not so long after, he was mugged and almost shot dead but however managed to escape with his life as the robbers took his cellphone and some money he had just been paid at his work.

One day when he was at work he says he was called and alerted that their house was on Fire and all the three bedrooms were burnt to ashes and only walls were left standing.

Madlanga says all these problems started after he found the panty in the yard and ever since then his parents started facing financial problems and lost all their cars on top of loosing the house to a mysterious fire.

He said that he believes his parents have enemies that still haunt them spiritually till this day because they have went to so many traditional healers and prophets yet the problems never go away.