Nelson Chamisa Facing His Toughest Month Since 2018

June 2020 is going to be the most difficult month for Nelson Chamisa since he became the MDC President in 2018.

Many MDC Alliance MPs, Senators and Councillors will be forced to choose between losing their seats in Parliament or going with Chamisa after the Supreme Court and high court judgements of the past 2 months.

If most of the MPs, Senators and Councillors decide to start attending parliament,this will leave Chamisa exposed. Yesterday,it was reported that Senator Morgan Femai has defected to the Khuphe faction citing that he has a young family that he needs to support and he wants to serve two terms so that he can get a Parliament pension.

Although Chamisa is one of the most popular politicians in Zimbabwe, he has made some very key mistakes that have seen him fail to take over as Zimbabwe president.

The biggest danger is that Chamisa could eventually fail to ever lead Zimbabwe, just like his predecessor, Morgan Tsvangirai.

We all know that Chamisa is young and charismatic and can speak well when given a stage, but here are Chamisa’s top 5 biggest mistakes since he became leader in 2018:

  1. Acting Slowly

Chamisa has over the past 2 years developed a number of blueprints and documents. However, none of the documents that he has developed have ever been implemented.

2. Failure to Build the structures

Since Chamisa took over in 2018, MDC structures have been in shambles. The MDC member registers have not been updated and membership cards have not been printed. Douglas Mwonzora has now started to build structures after the Supreme Court ruling.

3. Failure to deal with the Administrative issues after congress

Chamisa has failed to deal with administrative issues such as drafting  a constitution for the MDC Alliance.

4. Surrounding himself with friends

Chamisa has failed to create a broad based opposition coalition. Chamisa has not worked well with other opposition leaders and activists since he came into office, choosing instead to work with his close friends from university or those in the legal profession.

5. Failing to make difficult decisions

In 2018, when Chamisa felt that he had been robbed through a rigged election, he did not immediately call for mass action. Instead he decided to go on a consultation tour of Zimbabwe. After the consultation, where structures were overwhelmingly in support of mass action, Chamisa failed to launch the action and instead started to talk about dialogue.

When Khuphe won the court case, Chamisa was presented with an opportunity to engage in a one on one dialogue but refused to do so.

In Conclusion

Chamois a will be facing a difficult month in June and there will be a lot of action this month.