Apostle Chiwenga: God Let Mnangagwa Live For A Reason

Apostle Talent F Chiwenga says God appoints the foolest and heartless person into a presidential position because he has a certain agenda he wants to push through to his people.

Chiwenga said being elected into a higher position does not mean one is the best the society has ever had however it is God’s way of fulfing his agendas.

Apostle Chiwenga said Zimbabwe since 1980 has been placed in the hands of evil presidents, the late RG Mugabe was a bad leader however ED Mnangagwa is worse than the previous regime.

The Apostle said, Zimbabwe has the highest rate of unemployment in the Southern Africa, yet the government is banning the operations of commuter omnibus which has been helping reduce poverty in the country.

Chiwenga said God uses the heartless ED Mnangagwa to punish Zimbabweans so that they can amend their ways.

Chiwenga said the fact that the brutal, oppressive and ruthless Mnangagwa and regime is still alive is because God is keeping him alive so that his main agenda may be fulfilled.